Castle, John

Bio: John M. Castle, Ph.D.

  • Exercise Physiologist
  • NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Orthopedic Massage Specialist
  • Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist
  • Certified Functional Movement Specialist

I am a cross-disciplinary manual therapist (think ‘hands-on’) and exercise/functional movement specialist (think ‘corrective exercise’, ‘strength and conditioning’).  I specialize in evaluating, preventing, and resolving functional lesions… otherwise known as chronic pain, postural, work, and athletic overuse injuries.

Located in Syracuse, NY, my practice  CastleBodyWork draws from many different fields, including: exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, athletic training, osteopathy, structural integration, structural and functional bodywork, orthopedic massage therapy, myoskeletal alignment, physical therapy, polarity therapy and other energy medicine technique.

My current MOVEMENT projects include:

    • Developing Active Range of Motion Routines that are based on Janda’s ‘Classification of Muscle Imbalance’, Boyle and Cook’s ‘Spinal Engine Theory’,  Zink’s ‘Common Compensatory Pattern’, and Gracovetsky’s ‘Spinal Engine Theory.
    • Developing Fascial Fitness (connective tissue restoration techniques) to stimulate ‘crimped’ collagen fiber replacement (as opposed to ‘flattened’ collagen fiber replacement) with adults and athletes over 30 yrs. of age.
    • Utilizing ‘Gait Pattern Analysis and Neuromuscular Re-Education’ to evaluate, prevent, treat Idiopathic Lower Back and Hip Pain, and restore proper gait kinematics if required.
    • Utilizing Periodized Strength Training (General Adaptation, Maximum Strength, and Conversion Phases) with endurance athletes.

The foundation of my practice is based in diagnostic screening (strain pattern recognition), assessment, evaluation and prevention/treatment of pain which includes: postural alignment, malalignment syndromes, iliosacral/sacroilial dysfunction, movement impairment syndromes, dysfunctional movement patterns, and soft-tissue injury (think ‘musculoskeletal pain’). The information I gather during these evaluations and assessments becomes the basis for… therapeutic, rehabilitative, corrective, preventive, and/or performance enhancement treatment.

I am a former interscholastic/intercollegiate/masters athlete (football, basketball, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, and triathlon). Following 9-years at Syracuse University, where I eventually earned a Ph.D. with a primary focus on Exercise Physiology and Sports Psychology, I spent 8-years working in the field of Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy.  In 2004, I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State.  In 2013, I certified in Upper and Lower Body Orthopedic Massage through James Waslaski.  In 2014, I certified in Upper and Lower Body Myoskeletal Alignment through Erik Dalton.  Today (2018), I am continuing my work through Dalton toward the attainment of the MMS (Master Myoskeletal Therapist) designation.

The highlight of my education at Syracuse was the opportunity to study and practice concurrently as a student, athlete, instructor, and researcher.  It was an incredible experience of total immersion and powerful influence on the way I work today.  Since 2004, I have been in private practice working with both athletes and non-athletes to achieve their pain-free movement, health, and fitness goals.  At 65+ years, I still train on a daily basis.

I am known throughout Central New York for assisting athletes with injury recovery and return to pain-free training. I am also known for assisting clients in the management, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of functional lesions that include: neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain. My practice is recognized for its injury treatment and pain relief protocols which utilize the approach of combining scientifically-based and clinically-proven Assessment/Evaluation, Integrated Manual Therapy, and Neuromuscular Re-Education (corrective exercise/functional movement training).

I am currently working with a wide range of clients—from individuals plagued with chronic pain to those beginning fitness programs for the first time; from active exercise enthusiasts to seasoned age-group athletes; and D-1 intercollegiate and professional athletes training to compete at the highest levels in their sport.

The Pain-Free Movement Experience 

I am passionate about promoting pain-free living and an active lifestyle, optimum sports performance and the prevention of injuries through integrating the sciences of Exercise Physiology and Postural Biomechanics, Functional Movement, and a wide-range of proven Structural Bodywork techniques. I strongly believe there is a holistic connection between these fields that can be accessed through a cross-disciplinary approach that has previously been missed, misunderstood, or ignored by most practitioners.

My intention is to both expand and integrate these fields into what can appropriately be termed a “Next Generation” configuration for physical wellness that is based on myoskeletal alignment, functional movement, and the pain-free movement experience that leads to sleeping, eating, and feeling better, exercising more, training more effectively and performing at a higher level!