Sitting Dx: Typical Vertebrae (C3-C7)

Patient sits on table or treatment stool.

Operator stands behind with the thumb and index finger contacting zygopophysial joints bilaterally with the left hand on the vertex of the head to control motion.TCS2



Operator’s left hand introduces forward-bending, right side-bending, and right rotation while monitoring left zygopophysial joint for opening movement.TCS3



Operator introduces forward-bending, left side-bending, and left rotation, palpating for opening of the right zygopophysial joint by the operator’s right index fingerTCS4




Operator’s left hand introduces backward-bending, right side-bending, and right rotation with the right index finger monitoring the right zygopophysial joint’s capacity to close.TCS5




Operator introduces backward-bending, left side-bending, and left rotation with the left hand while monitoring the left zygopophysial joint’s capacity to close with the right TCS6thumb.

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