Runners: Hip,Hamstring, Low Back Pain

runnerSynergistic Dominance, Arthrokinetic Dysfunction, and Lumbo-pelvic Hip Disorder

excerpted from Dalton (2010) Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques

Synergistic dominance is a self-serving substitution system that allows us to carry on with life even though parts of our structure may be slowly breaking down and decompensating.

A typical synergistic substitution pattern often exists in runners with a unilaterally Continue reading

Aero Position and Overload Injuries

imagesRoad biking demands that cyclists subject their low back to prolonged flexed posture, exagerated thoracic kyphosis, neck hyperextension, and close-packed hip/knee angles.  Aero positions especially, have some risks associated with them.  Two common injuries riders experience are to the hamstring and erector spinae muscle groups, in the form of low back pain.   Continue reading

Endurance Athletes and Training Injuries

Bottom Line:

No endurance athlete should be injured while training!

runner image“ When dealing with endurance athletes, the truth may be hard to say and even harder to hear:  All non-traumatic injuries are training-related.  All ‘osis’ conditions are caused by overuse.  If you didn’t fall off something or get hit by something, you did something wrong in training.” (Boyle, 2010). Continue reading