Integrated neuromuscular inhibition technique, INIT (Chaitow 1994)

Excerpted from:  (Chaitow, Leon.  Muscle Energy Techniques.  2006, Elsevier Limited.)

This technique involves using the position of ease as part of a sequence which commences with the location of a tender/pain/trigger point, followed by the application of ischemic compression (this is optional and is avoided if the pain is too intense or the patient too fragile or sensitive) followed by the introduction of positional release as described by McPartland and Zigler (1993)… ‘Any painful point as a starting place for SCS’.

After an appropriate length of time during which the tissue are held in a position of ‘ease’, the patient is asked to introduce an isometric contraction into the affected tissues for 7-10 seconds, after which these are stretched (or they may be stretched at the same time as the contraction, if fibrotic tissue calls for such attention).

Note:  the introduction of muscle energy technique (MET).

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