Typical Cervical Vertebra (C2-C3)


Position:  Extended, left side-bent, and left rotated (ERSleft).

Motion Restriction:  Forward bending, right rotation, and right side-bending (FRSright).

The C2 left facet won’t open.

Patient is supine on the table with the operator sitting at the head.

Operator’s left hand supports the occiput with the left thumb over the left C2-C3 zygopophysial joint.MET C2-C3 ERS left 2



MET C2-C3 ERS left 3Operator’s right hand is placed on the patient’s right frontoparietal region to control head movement.


Operator’s two hands roll the head and upper neck into forward bending as far as the C2-C3 interspace.MET C2-C3 ERS left 4



Operator introduces right side-bending and right rotation by right-to-left translation through the left index finger contact on the right zygopophysial joint of C2-C3, engaging MET C2-C3 ERS left 5the flexion, right side-bending, and right-rotation restriction.



Patient exerts a 3-5 second isometric contraction into backward-bending, left side-bending, or left rotation.  Following relaxation, the operator engages the new flexion, right side-bending, and right rotational barriers.  Repeat 3-5 times.

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