Sacroilial / Iliosacral Dysfunction

The sacroiliac (SI) joint is formed by the articulation of the pelvis and the sacrum.  Dysfunction of this joint can result from how the pelvis impacts on the sacrum or how the sacrum impacts on the pelvis.  If the pelvis (ilium) is responsible for a fixated (immobile/stuck) SI joint, then it is called ‘iliosacral dysfunction’.  If the sacrum is responsible, it is called ‘sacroiliac dysfunction’. Continue reading

Back Pain: Mobility or Stability

In the early 20th century, the SI joint was thought to be the main source of low back pain and was the focus of many scientific investigations.  In 1934, a published study by Mixter and Barr on rupture of the intervertebral disc quickly changed the direction of these investigations. Over the next four decades, the SIJ was more or less ignored in favor of the disc as the primary cause of back pain.

Resurgence of interest in the SI joint since the 1970s can be traced to the following: Continue reading