Isotonic eccentric contraction (isolytic, for reduction of fibrotic change, to introduce controlled microtrauma)


  • Stretching tight fibrotic musculature.

Contraction starting point

At the restriction barrier.

Modus Operandi

The muscle to be stretched is contracted by the patient and is prevented from doing so by the operator, by means of superior operator effort, so that the contraction is overcome and reversed, introducing stretch into the contracting muscle.  The process should take no more than 4 seconds.  Origin and insertion do not approximate.  The muscle should be stretched to, or as close as possible to, full physiological resting length.


The operator’s force is greater than that of the patient.  Less than maximal patient should be employed at first.  Subsequent contractions build towards this if discomfort is not excessive.

Duration of contraction

2-4 seconds


Repeat 3-5 times if discomfort is not excessive.

CAUTION:  Avoid using isolytic contractions on head or neck muscles, or at all if the patient is frail, very pain-sensitive, or osteoporotic.  The patient should anticipate soreness for several days in the affected muscles.

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