MET Occipitoatlantal (C0-C1)-flex.


  • Position:  FSrightRleft
  • Motion Restriction:  Backward-bending, left side-bending, right rotation.


Patient is supine on the table with the operator sitting or standing at the head.

Operator’s left hand controls the patient’s occiput with the web of the thumb and the index finger along the soft tissues at the cervicocranial junction.OAflex2



Operator’s right hand holds the patient’s chin with the index finger in front and the middle finger below the tip of the ramus and with the right forearm in OAflex3contact with the right side of the patients head.



The backward-bending barrier is engaged by the operator’s hands rotating the head posteriorly around a transverse axis through the external auditory meatus.OAflex4




Left side-bending is introduced through the operator’s right forearm by slight left-to-right translation. (Rotation is not actively introduced)OAflex5



The patient is instructed to look down at the feet or pull the chin toward the chest against resistance offered by the operator’s right hand for a 3-5 second light isometric muscle contraction.

After relaxation, the new backward-bending, left side-bending , and right rotational barriers are engaged.

Operator’s muscle contraction is repeated 3-5 times with the operator relocalizing against the resisted barrier after each effort.

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