MET Atlantoaxial (C1-C2)


Position:  Atlas rotated right.

Motion Restriction:  Atlas resists left rotation on axis.

Patient is supine on the table with the operator sitting or standing at the head.

Operator grasps the head with the palms of the hands and flexes the head to approximately 30-45˚.MET C1-C2 Atlas R right 2



Operator introduces left rotation against the restricted barrier.MET C1-C2 Atlas R right 3

Patient is instructed to turn the head to the right against the operator’s resisting right hand with a light isometric contraction.

Following a 3-5 second contraction and subsequent relaxation, the operator increases left rotation to the next resistive barrier.

Repeat the right rotational effort against resistance 3-5 times.  Retest.

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