Muscle Energy Technique

 Hip Inflare     Hip Outflare      Anterior Hip Rotation      Posterior Hip Rotation

MET emerged initially from osteopathic traditions and has travelled exceptionally well through all manual therapy disciplines.  The evolution of these methods cross fertilized with the pioneering manual medicine approaches as taught by the East European giants Vladimir Janda, MD, and Karel Lewitt, MD, who were collaborators with the osteopathic developers of MET.  Today, another East European giant, Leon Chaitow, ND, DO, has emerged.  Together their bodies of work form a basis for a segment of my own manual therapy practice. Continue reading

Stretching Technique

Somewhere along the line someone came up with the phrase ‘No Pain, No Gain’.  When it comes to stretching, we need to let go of this attitude.  Stretching is about relaxing and breathing.  Of course effort is required, but it should never be painful.  A good stretch that results in a ‘Hurts So Good’ feeling is probably about as far as you want to push it. Continue reading