Cervical Spine Muscle Energy Technique

Typical Cervical Vertebra (C5-C6)


Position:  Flexed, rotated left, and side-bent left (FRSleft)

Motion Restriction:  Extension, right rotation, and right side-bending (ERSright)

The C5 right facet won’t close.


Patient is supine on the table with the operator sitting at the head of the table.

Operator’s finger tips of the right index and middle finger are placed on the right articular pillar of C6 to hold the segment so that C5 can be moved upon it.MET C5-C6 ERS left 2



Operator’s left hand controls the left side of the patient’s head and neck.MET C5-C6 ERS left 3



Operator’s right fingers translate the segment anteriorly introducing motion to the backward-bending barrier.MET C5-C6 FRS left 4.jpg



Operator’s left hand introduces right side-bending and rotation of the head and neck to the right by right to left translation engaging the right rotation and the right side-bending barriers.MET C5-C6 FRS left 5



Patient exerts a small isometric effort against the operator’s resisting left hand into forward bending, left side-bending, or left rotation.MET C5-C6 FRS left 6



After a 3-5 second muscular effort, the patient relaxes and the operator increases translatory movement in an anterior and right to left direction engaging the backward-bending, right side-bending, and right rotation barriers.  This process is repeated 3-5 times.


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