MET Occipitoatlantal (C0-C1) Condylar Glide


  • Position:  ESrightRleft
  • Motion Restriction:  Forward-bending, left side-bending, and right rotation.


Patient is supine on the table.

Operator’s left thumb and index finger grasp the posterior arch of the atlas and the occiput lies in the palm of the operator’s left hand.  Operator’s right hand spans the frontal region of the patient’s head.CG2



Operator rolls the head into forward-bending and with the right hand introduces left side-bending and right rotation against the resistance of the atlas CG4held by the operator’s left hand.

A 3-5 second mild isometric contraction of the head into backward-bending, or right side-bending is resisted by the operator’s hands.

After relaxation, the new barriers are engaged and the patient repeats the isometric contractions 3-5 times.



  • Position:  FSleftRright
  • Motion Restriction:  Backward-bending, right side-bending, and left rotation.


Patient and operator (hand) positions are the same as above.

Operator introduces backward-bending through rotation, side-bending to the right, and rotation to the left with the right hand. CG8

Patient provides mild isometric contraction in the direction of forward bending or left side-bending against resistance offered by the operator’s right hand and against the atlas stabilized by the operator’s left hand.

After relaxation, the new backward-bending, right side-bending, left rotational barriers are engaged and the patient repeats the isometric contraction 3-5 times.


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