Isokinetic (combined isotonic and isometric contractions)


Toning weak musculature

Building strength in all muscles involved in particular joint function

Starting point of contraction

Easy mid-range position

Modus Operandi

The patient resists with moderate and variable effort at first, progressing to maximal effort subsequently, as the operator rapidly puts a joint through as full a range of motion as is possible.  This approach differs from a simple isotonic exercise by virtue of the inclusion of whole ranges of motion, rather than single motions, and because the applied resistance varies, progressively increasing as the procedure progresses.


The operator’s force overcomes the patient’s effort to prevent movement.  Initial movements may involve moderate force, progressing to full force subsequently.  An alternative is to have the operator resist the patient’s efforts to make all the movements.

Duration of contraction

Up to 4 seconds.


Repeat 2-4 times.

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