John M. Castle, Ph.D.          


  • Ph.D., School of Education, Division of Teaching and Curriculum, Department of Physical Education (Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology), Syracuse University.  1993
  • M.S., School of Education, Division of Teaching and Curriculum, Department of Physical Education (Exercise Physiology) Syracuse University. (no exams taken)   1978
  • B.S., School of Education, Division of Teaching and Curriculum, Department of Physical Education, Syracuse University.  1974


  • Cert., Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist. 2014
  • Cert., Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage. 2013
  • F.M.S., Functional Movement Systems. 2012
  • L.M.T., Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. 2004
  • A.P.P., Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies & Bodywork.  1999
  • A.A.S., Computer Programming/Accounting, Bryant & Stratton Business Institute.  1982


Private PracticeCastleBodyWork,  Syracuse, NY (2008 – present)

  • Current Projects:
    • Developed and utilized Active Range of Motion Routines to support Integrated Manual Therapy and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy Bodywork
    • Developed and utilized Gait Pattern ‘Analysis and Neuromuscular Re-Education’ to evaluate, prevent, and treat Idiopathic Lower Back and Hip Pain.
    • Developed and utilized Fascial (connective tissue) Restoration Techniques to stimulate ‘crimped’ collagen fiber replacement (as opposed to ‘flattened’ collagen fiber replacement) with adults and athletes over 30 yrs. of age.
  • Shifted manual therapeutic focus to Structural and Functional Bodywork with emphasis on Integrated Manual Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, and Functional Movement Therapy.  Major focus on pattern recognition, functional evaluation, assessment, and specific treatment protocols for chronic pain syndromes and postural, work, and athletic overuse injuries.
  • Shifted fitness concentration to Periodized Strength Training for endurance athletes and Short-arc Pretension-contraction protocols for restoring connective tissue.

Private Practice, Body, Mind, and Spirit, Fayetteville, NY       (2002 – 2008)

  • Created and developed a successful private Complementary, Alternative, and Preventive Medicine (CAPM) Practice in Fayetteville, NY.
  • Developed and practiced a ‘new model’ for Personal Training and Exercise/Fitness Education termed Collaborative Personal Training (CPT).  CPT is based on a combination of Guided Experience and Education, utilizing methodologies that cannot be performed by the individual alone and achieving results that cannot be realized by the individual alone.  Some of these methodologies include techniques such as Integrated Movement Training, Simultaneous Concentric/Eccentric Manual Loading, Collaborative PNF/ME Stretching, and Anaerobic Threshold Interval Training for maximizing excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).
  • Developed and practiced a ‘new model’ for Complementary and Alternative Medicine termed Complementary, Alternative, and Preventive Medicine (CAPM).  This CAPM Practice is based on the integration of Bodywork that includes: Swedish, Orthopedic, and Sports Massage, and Trigger Point/Active Release Therapy.  Energy Medicine that includes: Shiatsu, Polarity Therapy, and Reiki. Autogenic Training that includes: Breathing Techniques, Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques, and Kinesthetic and Guided Visualization.  The preventive component is achieved through the integration of the appropriate components of exercise, and educating clients in the correct techniques for utilizing these components.
  • Developed a set of workshops for both public and professional participation entitled:
  1. Low-back Pain:  Prevention/Rehabilitation Workshop
  2. Recovery, Maintenance, and Optimal Balancing of the Muscular System for Endurance Athletes
  3. Collaborative Techniques in Personal Training
  4. Integrated Techniques for Strength and Conditioning

Consultant, Syracuse Sports Medicine, Syracuse NY     (10/94-2/97)

  • Created the Central New York Injured Worker Immediate Response Network (IRN).

Established to provide effective solutions for reducing the high cost of worker compensation.  The concept, design, and function of the IRN are based on the functionally defined needs of its clients:  Employers, Medical Care Providers, and Payers.  The IRN is characterized by a specialized Information/Communications Hub which is the nucleus of a proactive return-to-work Medical Care Provider Network.

  • Responsible for all elements of development: Market Analysis;  Product Design;  Development;  Operations;  Management Information Systems;  Marketing;

Director of Marketing, Syracuse Sports Medicine, Syracuse, NY     (11/93-11/94)

  • Created yearly market plans including the formal market plan, assumption-based financial projections, marketing materials, brochures, letters, and yearly day-to-day plans for all marketing/sales personnel.
  • Developed/marketed (Industrial Medicine) Work Conditioning/Job Simulation Program and Functional Capacity Evaluation Testing. Producing $10,000 monthly (after 6-weeks).  Projected $20-$25,000 monthly at 6-month point.
  • Established Healthcare marketing relationships in the areas of Financing, Communications, Diagnostics, Immediate Care, Emergency Care, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, DME, Pharmacy, and Electronic Data Interface.
  • Developed/marketed/negotiated “Shared Risk/Capitated Rate Partnerships” with HMOs, TPAs, Insurance Companies, and Self-Insured Employers.
  • Created Internal/External Product Sales Program and Incentive.  Produces $15,000 monthly.

Consultant/Research Analyst,  Syracuse Sports Medicine, Syracuse, NY    (11/92-11/93)

  • Marketed Rehabilitation Services Strategy Development concepts to hospitals in the Northeast.
  • Consulted to Physicians, Hospital Administrators, Practice Managers.
  • Performed Feasibility Analyses and Planning Studies
  • Assisted hospitals and outpatient clinics in facility development, programming, services integration, management, and operational review.
  • Developed Management Information (Systems) reports and utilization procedures.
  • Developed/implemented “Maxvisit” scheduling procedures and training program.  Increased monthly therapy income by $24,000 with no increase in total patients.

Director of Clinical Services,  Syracuse Sports Medicine, Syracuse, NY      (1/92-11/92)

  • Developed and maintained strong physician, physician practice, hospital, school district, corporate and community relationships.
  • Integrated exercise/fitness training programming into therapeutic and rehabilitation protocols utilized by Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers.
  • Created “Control Point Statistical Analysis” system for identifying maximum-effect control point clinical variables.
  • Developed “Control Point Performance Criteria.”  Increased annual income 42% (to $1,200,000)  with no increase in total patients.
  • Researched/implemented system for “Electronic File Transfer” of all commercial insurance claims.
  • Created “Claims ExpressTM” the commercial software package utilized.  Increased monthly cash flow to 75% of all commercial claims paid within the current aging period.
  • Developed relationship with Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Division.  Received grant for $20,000 clinical trial.
  • Developed a Regression Equation for utilizing the statistical method of regression analysis for predicting future monthly cash flow from the current month’s clinical data.  Exhibits a correlation coefficient of .98.

Director of Product Development,  Syracuse Sports Medicine, Syracuse, NY  (1/91-1/92

  • Created the “LIDO Back Testing and Rehabilitation Protocol” for utilization with the LIDO Back Isokinetic Digital Rehabilitation System.
  • Created the “Steroid Workshop,” a 2-hour comprehensive presentation composed of narration, slides, and videotape.
  • Created “Speed Camp,” a Summer Training program for high school and college athletes… takes place in two local school districts.
  • Created/negotiated first and only Athletic Training Services Contract with a local (Cazenovia) school district.  Provides daily athletic training services and event coverage.  Initial contract renewed and the budget increased by 30%.
  • Designed, built and tested the “Castle Prototype Swim Bench,” a semi-accommodating variable resistance, ballistic-specific four-way swim bench.  Utilized in the training of Tory DeSilva, ranked 1st (in N.Y.S. section-3) in 8 events.  Set two 1992 state records.  Voted the Outstanding Swimmer of the 1992 N.Y.S. Championships.
  • Created “AASTS” Age-group Athlete Supplemental Training System for athletes 12-16 years of age.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist,  Syracuse Sports Medicine, Syracuse, NY  (9/90-1/91)

  • Developed physiological testing protocol for cyclists and triathletes which included: VO2max (open-circuit spirometry) with 12-lead EKG, for matching heart rate with gas analysis.
  • Created individual HR specific anaerobic interval training protocols.
  • Developed slow=motion film analysis method for administering Wingate Anaerobic Power Test.
  • Wrote computer application for calculating total power output, peak power, mean power, and power drop-off for WAP Test.
  • Developed isokinetic muscular strength and endurance testing protocols utilizing the LIDO Isokinetic Digital Rehabilitation System.
  • Performed body composition analysis utilizing both hydrodensitometry and bio-electrical impedance analysis.
  • Trained therapy staff in the utilization of periodized methodology (General Adaptation Syndrome) in the manipulation of volume and intensity variables.

Academic Positions

Adjunct Professor, S.U.N.Y. Oswego Graduate School of Education (1990).

  •     Teaching responsibilities:  EDU 512 “Criteria for Evaluation.”

Graduate Assistant Coach, Syracuse University Athletic Department (1990).

  • Strength and Conditioning Dept. for Football; Basketball; Lacrosse; Soccer; Field Hockey; Track & Field; Swimming.

Graduate Instructor, Syracuse University Department of Physical Education (1987-1989).

  • Teaching responsibilities:  PPE 585 “Exercise Physiology and Lab,” PPE 693 “Sports Psychology,” PPE 200 “Physical Education Activity Courses.”

Assistant Coach, Camillus Swim Club, U.S.S. Swimming (1987-1989).

Head Coach, Varsity Lacrosse, Christian Brothers Academy, (1978).

Graduate Instructor, Syracuse University Department of Physical Education    (1976-1978).

  • Teaching responsibilities:  PPE 200 “Activity Courses.”

Research Presentations

  • Castle, J.M. & D.W. Bacharach  “Body Composition Assessment in Elderly Males.”  Presented, National ACSM, June 1989.
  • Castle, J.M. & D.W. Bacharach  “Effects of a Mental Training Technique on Pre-competition Anxiety in Collegiate Oarswomen.”  Presented, National AAHPERD, April 1989.
  • Szmedra, L. & J.M. Castle  “Body Composition of a Geriatric Sample.”  Presented, National AAHPERD, April 1989.
  • Oaks, C.B., J.M. Castle, M. Cring, & D. Bacharach  “Predicting Power from Time in the Air During Vertical Jump.”  Presented, National AAHPERD, April 1989.
  • Castle, J.M. & D.W. Bacharach “Body Composition in Elderly Males.”  Presented, MARC-ACSM, February 1989.
  • Cring, M., J. Castle, L. Szmedra, K. Rundell, J. Gould & D. Bacharach “Effects of a Carbohydrate Drink on Endurance Capacity in High School Football Players.”  Presented, MARC-ACSM, February 1989.
  • Rundell, K., J. Castle, L. Szmedra, M. Cring & D. Bacharach “Effect of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Moderately Trained Individuals.”  Presented, MARC-ACSM, 1989.
  • Szmedra, L., J. Castle & D. Bacharach “Changes in Functional Capacity Before and After Coronary Revascularization in Individuals with Poor Left Ventricular Function.” Presented, MARC-ACSM, February 1989.

Presentations by Invitation

  •  Castle, J.M.  “Exercise Safety” Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital, October 1993.
  •  Castle, J.M.  “Aging and Physical Activity” Carrier Corporation, October 1993.
  •  Castle, J.M.  “Steroid Abuse” Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital, September 1993.
  •  Castle, J.M.  “Exercise and Aging” Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital, August 1993.
  •  Castle, J.M.  “Women and Exercise” Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital, July 1993.
  •  Castle, J.M.  “Children and Exercise” Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital, June 1993.
  •  Castle, J.M.  “Fundamentals of Exercise” Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital, May1993.
  •  Castle, J.M.  “The Steroid Workshop” Syracuse City School District Coaching Staff, June 1991.
  •  Castle, J.M.  “Sports Psychology:  Peak Performance Mental Training” Cazenovia Central School District, June 1991.
  • Castle, J.M.  “Careers in Sports Medicine” Baldwinsville Central School District, April 1991.
  • Castle, J.M.  “Physiological Considerations in Athletic Training” Regional National Strength and Conditioning Association, June 1990.


  •  Castle, J.M.  “Effect of Dryland Resistance Interval Training on Aerobic Capacity, Blood Lactate and Muscle Fatigue in Age-group Swimmers” Dissertation, Syracuse University, 1993.
  •  Castle, J.M. & D.W. Bacharach “Body Composition in Elderly Males” Supplement to Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 21(2): S75, 1989.
  •  Castle, J.M. & D.W. Bacharach “Effects of a Mental Relaxation Training Technique on Pre-competition Anxiety in Collegiate Oarswomen” Abstracts of Research Papers 1989 AAHPERD National Conference, p. 68.
  •  Szmedra, L. & J.M. Castle “Body Composition of a Geriatric Sample” Abstracts of Research Papers 1989 AAHPERD National Conference, p. 260.
  •  Oaks, B., J. Castle, M. Cring, A. DeVito, C. Banks & D. Bacharach “Predicting Power from Time in the Air During Vertical Jump” Abstracts of Research Papers 1989 AAHPERD National Conference, 1989.

 Funded Proposals

  •  Comparison of Dicoflenac Potassium, Naproxen, and Placebo in the Treatment of Acute Sprains and Strains of the Ankle, Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals Division, Summit, NJ 07901.  Amount funded $20,000.
  •  Comparison of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Measures to Hydrodensitometry in Elderly Males, Bioanalogics, Inc., 112726 San Vincent Blvd., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90049.  Amount funded $10,000.


  • Castle, J.M., N. Coffey & B. Smegelski  “Preseason Strength & Conditioning for Cycling and Triathlon Racing”  VHS (30 min.)

 Awards / Honors

  • Syracuse University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 1989.
  • Co-captain, Syracuse University Lacrosse, 1974.
  • All-conference 1st Team, Syracuse University Lacrosse, 1973.
  • Varsity Letterman Syracuse University Lacrosse, 1971-1974.
  • Varsity Letterman Denison University Football/Lacrosse, 1969-1970.

316 Longmeadow Dr., Syracuse, NY 13205    315.380.3533

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